Autumn Line


Autumn Line is a boutique video and motion design collective focused on crafting unique, scalable, and impactful video and motion services for anything that needs to move on a screen.

Why do we call ourselves a collective? When we hear words like "agency", we think espresso makers, calendar invites, nice desks, and expense accounts for client lunches. We like all those things just fine, but our style tends to be a bit more rough around the edges. We work with our friends, we seek out brands and people we’d like to work with, and do our best to keep all our relationships fun and enjoyable. Maybe we are a studio, maybe we are an agency, but the word collective feels good for now.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be nimble. To scale up to the largest projects, or keep our footprint light for the smallest ones. Our roots are heavy in action sports, specifically snowboarding and skateboarding. Autumn Line was started in 2002 by brothers Adam and Matt Porter, producing in-house full length snowboard films. After running cameras and traveling the world with amazing pro riders, sponsors, filmers, photographers and others, and after releasing seven internationally distributed films, we shifted our focus.

It's been a wild ride since... making music videos for big artists, creating graphics packages for broadcast TV, and even a long stretch directing and creating projects for NASA Centers all across the US. But all of that always brings us back to our action sports roots, connecting with new and old friends to work on projects for some of the most beloved and exciting brands in the world.

These days, Autumn Line provides motion and cinema services for television networks, record labels, podcasts, digital agencies and some of our favorite brands like Adidas, Specialized, Oakley, Patagonia, The North Face, Equinox, the NFL, Coca-Cola, Fox Racing, New Balance, and dozens more.

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