Tyshawn Low

Web, Social and Outdoor Media Campaign

The launch of Tyshawn Jone’s second show, the Adidas Tyshawn Low, was no standard shoe launch. Tyshawn’s abilities on his board seem to only compliment his impact on the culture of skateboarding. This being one of their most technical skateboard shoes, and for one of their highest profile athletes, Adidas wanted the shoe launch to feel big and impactful. This looping launch video combined practical shots of the shoe looping through composited text and lights and a subtly-3D trefoil logo animation.

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Delivered Elements

Full Feature Video, Social Assets


Client: Adidas Skateboarding

Agency: Made By Delphi

Creative Director: Matt Irving

Producer: Matt Irving

Art Direction: Matt Irving, Adam Porter

Design: Adam Porter, Brendan Hayes

Animation: Adam Porter, Brendan Hayes, Matt Porter

Editing: Kirk Dianda

Color: Patrick Woodard