Data Is Greater Than Numbers

Web, Social, & OOH Campaign

Dataiku partnered with San Francisco agency Butchershop to create an ad campaign highlighting the human side of data utilization. Butchershop brought in talent for a studio shoot to demonstrate four key usage areas for Dataiku’s platform - finance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail applications. Autumn Line was brought in to handle post production for the video series. We worked with Butchershop’s design team to bring their design elements to life with standalone animated graphics, as well as integrate those elements into the studio and stock assets to tell 5 different stories.

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Delivered Elements

Full Feature Manifesto Video, Industry-Specific Capsule Stories, Social Cutdowns


Agency: Butchershop

Creative Directors: Myles Soderstrom, Daniel Irizarry

Producer: Matt Porter

Animation: Matt Porter, Adam Porter, Kevin Carmack

Design: Vada Ortiz

Music / Sound Design / Mix: Sono Sanctus

Color: Patrick Woodard