Jamie Foy NM360 Camo

Social Campaign

For the launch of New Balance / NB Numberic’s signature shoe, the 306, for professional skateboarder Jamie Foy their Creative Director / Legendary Skateboard Filmer Kyle Camarillo came up with a concept to have “multiple Jamies” rolling up to the spot as he does a backside wall ride down a set of stairs.

When it comes to skateboard spots, nothing is perfect, so Kyle and crew had to rig up a portable green screen on a rotating arm to swing out behind Jamie after he rolled by, in order for him to keep the proper speed. Autumn Line was tapped to take this footage and get Jamie keyed out (with a heavy dose of rotoscoping), and have him drift out from one another as Jamie rolls up to the stairs. A little VFX magic brought the ad to life, but the actual skateboarding by Jamie was real and incredible.

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Director: Kyle Camarillo

Visual FX/Animation: Matt Porter

Titling: Matt Porter

Producer: Matt Porter

Cinematography: Kyle Camarillo