On the Brink

Short Film

Legendary Patagonia product tester, Kelly Cordes, uses his unique personality, insatiable drive, and mountaineering experience to ensure the Patagonia products he tests will stand up the to the demands of professional outdoorsmen and women. Gray Thompson, Max Hammer and Tim Manning shot with Kelly and other notable rock climbing athletes in Estes Park, Colorado, telling the story of how the Patagonia product test process unfolds. We took their edit and dialed up some graphics hits, product callouts, stylized titles and Kelly’s infamous margarita recipe.

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Delivered Elements

Graphics Package, VFX/Compositing


Client: Patagonia

Studio/Agency: Houseplant Creative

Director: Gray Thompson, Max Hammer

Cinematography: Tim Manning

Producer: Matt Porter

Art Director: Adam Porter

Design: Adam Porter, Matt Porter

Animation: Adam Porter, Matt Porter

Editing: Gray Thompson