New Pro V1 & Pro V1X Brand Film

Web, Social & Broadcast Campaign

Titleist captured a mountain of stunning footage throughout the golf season of their tour players, pros and ams for various campaigns. When it came time to launch the new Pro V1 and Pro V1X, they wanted to tell a more in-depth story to explain how the balls were completely redesigned from the inside out. Using interviews with Titleist Pro V1 engineers as the base, we built out a concise story and merged it with the action footage, product shots, factory footage, and a few VFX pieces.

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Delivered Elements

Full Feature Video, Social Assets


Studio/Agency: Autumn Line

Creative Director: Joe Hafera

Producer: Matt Porter

Design: Adam Porter, Brendan Hayes

Editing: Kirk Dianda, Matt Porter

Animation: Matt Porter, Tyler Mikol

Cinematography: Curt Morgan, Theo Muse, Wolvvs, Titleist

Photography: Nick Hamilton

Music / Sound Design / Mix: Cyrus Reyholds / Wolvvs